BioCellChallenge is Biotechnology company, discovering and developing biological molecule delivery sytems (Antibody, Proteins, Peptides). Its latest patented technology for antibody intracellular delivery allow BioCellchallenge to develop collaborative partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and service companies.

Technology for antibody intracellular delivery

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Toulon, France, November 30, 2015

BioCellChallenge obtains unprecedented in-vivo results using intracellular delivery technology for therapeutic antibodies

For the first time, in-vivo tests have shown that an anti-Ras antibody combined with ImmunoCellin technology slows tumor growth in all cases and leads to full recovery in one-third of cases

The company now plans to test its approach with antibody-drug conjugates


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The activity "reagent" for DNA and siRNA was sold to the French company Eurobio

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