Opticcine: NEW Vaccine Adjuvant Enhancer

A mannose targeted drug delivery systems that allows significantly optimizing the delivery of therapeutics.

BioCellChallenge offers a mannose-bearing lipid (Man-DOG) that demonstrated vaccination efficiency improvement with nucleic acids and peptides when combined with the adjuvant.

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DNA transfection

Do you know that our polymer reagent can be much more efficient than your old lipid for DNA transfection?

Lipid-based lipofection and polymer-based polyfection have largely exceeded the other in vitro transfection approaches, thanks to their simplicity and relative effectiveness.

Transfection mechanisms with lipid-based and polymer-based are different. Consequently some cells are more efficiently transfected with lipids and some others with polymers. Read more...

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BioCellChallenge is an innovating company that creates, develops and markets drug delivery systems. Our expertise enables us to provide very efficient and reproducible transfection reagents to the scientific community.

BioCellChallenge also offers a unique custom lipid synthesis service. Our ten years of experience in this field guarantee you high quality results.

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GeneCellin for COS-1

Protein arginine methyl transferases-3 and-5 increase cell surface expression of cardiac sodium channel

P Beltran-Alvarez, A Espejo, R Schmauder, C Beltran… - FEBS Letters, 2013

... For electrophysiological and FRET assays, HEK cells were transfected using calcium
phosphate precipitation. For all other experiments, cells were transfected using GeneCellin
(BioCellChallenge). 2.2. Detection of methylated L I-II in cells. ...


GeneCellin for  HEK, HeLa and others

Direct Detection of Alternative Open Reading Frames Translation Products in Human Significantly Expands the Proteome

B Vanderperre, JF Lucier, C Bissonnette, J Motard… - PLOS ONE, 2013

...  using GeneCellin according to the manufacturer's protocol (BioCellChallenge). Protein sample preparation, immunoprecipitation and western blot. For validation of alternative ...



Quality Control of Integral Membrane Proteins by Assembly-Dependent Membrane Integration

MJ Feige, LM Hendershot - Molecular Cell, 2013

Cell-surface multiprotein complexes are synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), where they undergo cotranslational membrane integration and assembly.

Cytoplamic and nuclear fusion protein expression in Cos cells by using GeneCellin. The importance of serine776 in Ataxin-1partnerselection: A FRET Analysis. Rajesh P.Menon, Scientific Reports, 2012;2:919.

Mouse embryonic fibroblast transfection with GeneCellin UPR-Induced Resisitance to Etoposide Is Downstream of PERK and Independent of Changes inTopoisomerase IIα LevelsM. J. Mann, E. R. Pereira, N. Liao, L. M. Hendershot

GeneCellin, a prooven efficiency.
In the latest publication the author compared the GeneCellin transfection efficiency to competitor's reagents.
Analyzing Lysosomes in Live Cells
Paul R. Pryor, Methods in Enzymology, Volume 505, 2012, Pages 145–157

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GeneCellin for Caco-2 : a real different efficiency

Dr. Viviana Hermosilla Aguayo, from Universidad de Concepción, Chilie sent her feed back on the use of GeneCellin for Caco-2

"We test this reagent because Caco-2 cells are very difficult to transfect, and now we can say we are very satisfied with our preliminary results. We have tried with calcium, even with electroporation, but we have not get a better efficiency than we get with Gen Cellin.
Thanks a lot for sending the sample. We have recomended this reagent to all the laboratories in our department